Parad Shri Yantra

The best Yantra in all the Yantras of the world means 'Parad Shri Yantra'. It blesses one with happiness in all aspects of life such as physical, economic and spiritual.It is recommended that Shri Parad Yantra be placed in ones house, shop or wealth safe. The Paras Shi Yantra helps remove obstacles in the one's life and career. Be it a financial concern, hindrances in business and job related issues; you will see getting freed of all such hindrances and obstacles. Many prefer to place a 'Parad Shri Yantra' in their place of worship, their Puja ghar . This Yantra is the basic Yantra of Goddess Laxmi it is also a basic Yantra of 'Shri'. Find a solution to all your problems, hindrances and tensions and get the much desired material progress, wealth, position, honour and respect that you've always desired was yours. By performing pooja of Parad Shri Yantra the process of Asthalaxmi Samput and Pransanjivani process, remains beneficial for the future generations also.